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Living Your Design Guide

A Deeper Look

Human Design in a mechanical system synthesizing the wisdom of Astrology, I'Ching, the Kabbalah and the Ayurvedic Chakra System to map out your unique energetic imprint, a beautifully simple way to see how you meet life and how life meets you. 

If you have ever questioned nature vs. nurture, if you've ever wondered why there is so much resistance in your life or why hating the self has become such an automatic default, taking a look at your unique imprint can show you what is inherently consistent with you and what has been conditioned through your soundings. It can show you how to meet the world with the least amount of resistance and how all that you are and aren't is cosmically perfect- there is nothing wrong with you.

A deep dive into the mechanics of what IS, in the attempt to learn how to trust your Self, to find YOUR Truth in the midst of endless information and all of these now trending polarizing factors; Human Design is here to show you the magic that is You.      

I am a 3/5 Reflector Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love a mirroring aspect of humanity through what is mystically called the Holy Grail: The exterior of the vessel (The Aura, Love of humanity Gate 15) the interior of the vessel (the Love of the Body Gate 46) The blood (The Spirit, Universal Love Gate 25) and The Lip from which it all pours (the Behavior of Self, Love of Self Gate 10). In comparison to the majority of people on this planet, as a reflector I have very little that is fixed and consistent, however, the analogy and names listed above are qualities that are consistence and supportive to my individuated human Process. 

After 10 years of self exploration through the Human Design lens, I've felt the initiation to embark and a deeper learning: A learning through Teaching. In August of 2020 I started my process to become a certified Analyst, This is about a three year process and as a student I am now able to provide chart overview. this mean I can walking you thought the anatomy of the chart, the aspects which make you a particular type and the strategy to explore what I means to explore life as You. 

Further more In October of 2021 I became a certified Living Your Design Guide, offering Classes typically reserved for people who have already received their Overview or a foundation Readings

As an Add service I've taken the time to specialize in Reflector Support. 

I mean what better way to learn about such a rare type than from someone who has been practicing what it is to live out the lunar cycles, to discover the sensation of openness, of sampling and playing with the Dao. From my exploration in Human its very apparent that non-reflector truly HAVE NO IDEA, HAHA. 

In short, regardless of your type if you're interested in working with this system and getting a taste of its depth the current services I'm offering are listed below.

Thank you

  • Chart Overview $85

  • Reflectors lunar tracking $150


  • Living your Design Course $350

     (currently not available)

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