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A Tucson native, Sara has also spent time living and working in Colorado and, notably, traveling abroad with the performing arts/community service nonprofit Up With People as a singer. Central to the program was being of service to others and providing a positive experience. During this experience, she had the opportunity to receive healing touch in Thailand, Finland, and Germany. Later, while touring the US, she was placed with a host family who ran and managed their own massage clinic, giving her a glimpse into a potential career. Sara enrolled in massage school the moment she returned from her travels. A work-study internship at the Esalen Institute Big Sur deepened her understanding of bodywork, as did her experience working in luxury resorts and spas and earning a yoga instructor certification.Sara calls her work “noninvasive, intuitive, fluid touch.” It’s an eclectic approach that draws upon the various modalities she has learned, including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BDCT), Chi Nei Tsang, and Esalen Massage to provide a customized experience for the individual on the table. The goal is to ease the client into a state of deep relaxation and support the body in recuperation and healing. She sees her main objective as helping clients manage stress, improve sleep, and reap the multiple benefits of regular, noninvasive touch as they continue down their unique healing path. Her role is to support that journey.Sara’s sessions can be from 30 to 90 minutes—it's important to her to meet her clients where they are and at their comfort level. However, because the body often takes the first 30 minutes of a session to relax sufficiently to receive the benefits of massage and BDCT.Sara is a self-proclaimed “extravert/introvert”—one for whom socializing is fun and stimulating, but who cherishes solitude and down time. “During down time,” she says, “I enjoy listening to music, journaling, taking nice long walks, teaching myself to watercolor, and, of course, puppy cuddles with my pup Winnie. On the more social side of the spectrum, I love a good friend hangout sesh, going dancing, and my top favorite: exploring new restaurants. FOOD is a HUGE love for me!” In general, she loves visiting new places and seeing what life has in store for her next.

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